Monday, January 24, 2011

idea for a planet too close to its sun part 2

i see tons of issues but the power of my very own imagination can solve all of them lol, the place wouldn't be too cold because of the winds from the hot side of the planet would keep the dark side warm.... would be dark but warm. the closer to the center you get the colder it is

NEW IDEA what if said planet spun on a horizontal axis. the "south pole" face directly at the star and the "north pole" away from the star. oceans heated by convection currents, atmosphere similar to our own

the way i come up with these crazy ideas is that i look at what we have and see what i can tweek and change in my head. its amazing how powerful the mind is =]


  1. You'd enjoy being a god.
    The universe would be your minecraft. :D

  2. very creative! keep imagining these things! they actually help brain function and capability! followed for more great ideas!