Tuesday, August 2, 2011

back again

I some times i wonder how i i used to do this but now it doesnt make any damn sence.... correct this sentence in the cooments below

Monday, August 1, 2011

havent been on in forever =0

got totally sidetracked with women and school =o not good lol now i need to start some intense blogging. first fore most i missed all of you peeps that followed me in the past. i know i havent been on in a while but i hope i can get back into blogging =/ helps me vent out what i see wrong with the world

Question numb uno/////// how is childhood obesity a problem along side world hunger?

question numba owt!/////// why did they take away the cookie monster!? this vegemonster bussiness is unacceptable! >=O

Question number tres//// who the hell is amy whine house? and why im i hearing about her AFTER she died? get off my fb!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

been awhile and have only a few thoughts, why do people say "I'm going to eat some soup" when soup is a liquid? shouldn't they say "im going to drink some soup" doesn't that make more sense? that's a random thought o.0 here have another. and this one really scares the shit out of me, what are we? I've thought about that for a long time now, constantly pondering what we are for the past few months. and I still haven't even the slightest idea.some would say a complex carbon based organism, true but why? the more questions I ask the more confusing life seems. but what is life? there is no solid definition of life. what is it? what is all of this? through astronomy we know some of our origins, and I understand how planets are formed, the birth and death of stars. all of that makes sense to me. yet I don't understand society, human nature or humanities many creation's. such as the sense of value. animals don't fight over material things, they don't kill for no reason.so why did humanity put value on material things? value causes greed, greed causes war, so why not just eliminate the sense of greed? wouldn't that help better society? instead of worrying about money, do away with it. I believe the sense of value is a major cause of pain and suffering. the rich invest the money they own to get richer while the poor get poorer and can't do anything but watch their debt soar. society has left me confused

My thoughts
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

been a few days

Since I last got on, I have recently watched a video about white-holes on YouTube. In contrast to a black hole sucking up matter with its intense gravity , a white hole spits it out. So far they only exist in theory, but I find it Interesting that none have been discovered yet. If it works in theory, then where are they in the cosmos? Is there yet an other variable that has yet to be discovered that renders there existence impossible?

what is the connection between earth and blackholes? Do they pose a threat to us or can we use them for beneficial purposes? Can they open up new levels of technolgy? Are they directly Effecting us today?
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Monday, January 24, 2011

idea for a planet too close to its sun part 2

i see tons of issues but the power of my very own imagination can solve all of them lol, the place wouldn't be too cold because of the winds from the hot side of the planet would keep the dark side warm.... would be dark but warm. the closer to the center you get the colder it is

NEW IDEA what if said planet spun on a horizontal axis. the "south pole" face directly at the star and the "north pole" away from the star. oceans heated by convection currents, atmosphere similar to our own

the way i come up with these crazy ideas is that i look at what we have and see what i can tweek and change in my head. its amazing how powerful the mind is =]

Sunday, January 23, 2011

idea for a planet too close to its sun

how about a planet where only half of its surface was habitable!? the planet would have to have an orbit similar to our moon, only on side is visible. The planet would be so close that the side facing the planet would be to hot to support life, yet the other side holds the perfect conditions for life, but it holds a permanent night. on side would be a barren dessert and the other would support a vast/dark area teaming with wild life. lets ponder further, say the wild life evolved in a way similar to deep sea life. able to produces their own sources of light. what if the plant life developed the same ability (like for the Avatar movie).Only have a planet that could support life.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

post se7ven

so far week started out good =D thought i met some one cool, thought i finally had some one to care for. everything moved fast and so it ended fast. i gave a chocolate rose and she gave it back... feels bad man, but it wasn't all bad, infact it was mostly good. after such along time i could actually say i was happy for a good few days and it was all because of her =] she gave me happiness and i am grateful because not alot of things in the world bring me happiness. jus wanted to get that off my chest. im not too sad because it wasnt too serious but it was fun. thanks for listening guy and now im going to move on to a more interesting subject.

ones of physics many laws states that an object of high temperature will heat up an object of a lower temperature until thermal equilibrium is attained (ice is warmed by the room temp air.), but an object of a lower temperature cannot heat up an object of a higher temperature. (like in passive transport) what if this was reversed? say if you put an ice cube on the table and the whole room freezes! that would be insane!

Monday, January 17, 2011

# six

so far this is the best weekend EVAR!  my dad came back into town from California earlier this week and had a fantastic saturday night =D  but i bet you guys don't wanna hear bout all that.

QUESTION OF THE DAY! what would alternate earths be like? small minute changes in our planets early history. say we didnt have a moon to change the tides. well i did some research and found that the tides wouldnt be the only things effected! without the moon there would be no life!


here is a link to which explain how we wouldn't be here. i personally like the doubling up section, it adds yet another theory to how life began here on our lonely planet.  i have heard many but i keep my mind open until one of them is proven with solid evidence. i know people that get offended by free thinkers such as myself when i have intelligent conversations with others people. the offended only argue "god did it! why cant you except that?!" I'm not trying to bash religious people in any way. i have had a great many intellectual conversations with religious people but its the arrogant that want nothing to do but argue with me that really grind my gears. i enjoy intellectual conversations not arguments, i see an argument as unproductive and a waste of my time. i have had people over hear me explaining my beliefs and all they interrupt and shove religion in my face. i don't see why we cant peacefully have a conversation where we can take turns explaining our views. any one else have similar experiences?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

post numero cinco

QUESTION OF THE DAY!why are the physics the way the are?  say an object is traveling in one direction in frictionless space, newtons first law deems that it will continue to travel along a linear path until an outside force acts upon it. but what decided these laws? what if the laws were different? say instead of following a linear path, it followed a circular path until an outside force acts upon it?

heres another interesting thing to think about, humans are a carbon based life form, what if there was life forms on other planets with a different chemical base? a whole different chain of evolution! hold that thought for a sec, scientist usually look for life in places that will support us, different creatures here  on earth survive in different climates and its impossible for them to survive in others, for example penguins cant survive in the dessert. so why shouldn't it be like that up in the cosmos?

now combine the two ideas, what if there is life on an environmentally hostile planet, and has a different chemical base? what if there is a form of life living within our sun? we just deem it impossible because we wouldn't survive there. but look at it in another sense; if they were to look at the suns surounding planets searching for life they would probably deem it impossible saying "its too cold for our species to live there, there is no life". =] welcome to my imagination.

Friday, January 14, 2011

4 rebmun tsop O.o part 2

well another cold day in south texas... and i found out i got a perfect score on my english midterm!! =D thought i was gunna fail but hell no! i wrecked shop on that paper! lol >=P   but i got a barely passing grade on my precal midterm, that made me go wtf? math an science are my two strong points. not much to say today but ADSFASDF.... good luck desifering... hahaha

4 rebmun tsop O.o

woke up early enough to say good morning BLOGGER! had some crazy vivid dream. dont have too much time to say much illl get on a for another random spoof of my mind =D

Thursday, January 13, 2011

post number three

just read some of the comments from yesterdays post. yes it was a random thought and i chronically question the way things are. its actually called derealization (or that was the closest thing i could find that describes this) d(0.o)b one day i just started to question everything around me, i don't know what caused me to do so, but it has opened up a whole new perspective of the world around me. i often see society as strange, look at its many out comes; clothes for example. why do we where clothes? why has society deemed it "Proper" to cover our bodies with thin material. personally, i don't understand the logic. the idea of value and greed has also puzzled me for so long. people have a knack to put value on material things, we trade with eachother to get better material things and we kill eachother over things of great value. the governments of the world are worried about losing money, but money shouldn't make the world go round, actions should. people should do the necessities to keep the community going not just self pleasure. but everyone has their own view of the perfect world =( sadly mine is impossible.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

post number 2

because i know that one day i will stop and ask myself "how many posts have i posted?" i shall number my post starting at one. that gets me thinking though why is one or zero always the base for the beginning? why not start counting at 2? i can call this post number 203948203894 if i wanted to but it would still be my second post. why not start at a negative number? is it because society deems that we must start at one or zero? or is it because our minds arent vast enough to keep track of how many posts there are if we did start from another number other than one or zero? but if our minds were that big there wouldnt ever be a reason to number our posts! as you can see i love asking questions =) what kinda questions do you ask (i will not answer any of them lol, i just wanna here some of the worlds questions)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

day numba uno!

My name is Alex and this my first blogg post ever! well there is not much to say, slow day and it was freezing today at school even though im in south texas. its not supposed to get cold here lol. well thats all im off to do my HW.