Wednesday, February 2, 2011

been awhile and have only a few thoughts, why do people say "I'm going to eat some soup" when soup is a liquid? shouldn't they say "im going to drink some soup" doesn't that make more sense? that's a random thought o.0 here have another. and this one really scares the shit out of me, what are we? I've thought about that for a long time now, constantly pondering what we are for the past few months. and I still haven't even the slightest idea.some would say a complex carbon based organism, true but why? the more questions I ask the more confusing life seems. but what is life? there is no solid definition of life. what is it? what is all of this? through astronomy we know some of our origins, and I understand how planets are formed, the birth and death of stars. all of that makes sense to me. yet I don't understand society, human nature or humanities many creation's. such as the sense of value. animals don't fight over material things, they don't kill for no why did humanity put value on material things? value causes greed, greed causes war, so why not just eliminate the sense of greed? wouldn't that help better society? instead of worrying about money, do away with it. I believe the sense of value is a major cause of pain and suffering. the rich invest the money they own to get richer while the poor get poorer and can't do anything but watch their debt soar. society has left me confused

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  1. your title took up a huge portion of my feed lol